VALL, valley in Catalan. A steadfast plain nestled between two mountains, through which a river course meanders. For one last summer evening, the valley is steeped in serenity, as we amble under a tranquil sky over the unspoilt earth, along its tracks, being seduced by the slender shapes and colours that the path reveals to us. Naguisa has created its Mid-Season 2019 collection based on this spectacular landscape and the delicate sensations it stirs.

A collection with pleasant and very feminine contours, braided and tubular designs, extremely comfort and lightweight, in sky blue, earthy, woodland and fire tones. All this complemented by designs with real character, powerful and timeless, made from exquisite firm leathers, chosen with the greatest of care. This is Vall, a constant reminder of the luxury of wearing nature on your feet.

Credits: Fotografía: @zorramimosa



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