Shipping & Returns

Shipping charges, delivery and transportation

Shipping charges: Are contained in the bill. In case of return of the good (Art. 44 - Law of Retail Trade), shipping charges will be borne by the customer.

Time of delivery: Naguisa sends orders to its customers through different courier companies of national and international prestige. The date of arrival to the customer's home depends on the shipping area. The terms of guidance are available in the transportation of our website "FAQs: How long does it take to get my Naguisa product after making the purchase?"

Before confirming your order you will be informed about some shipping and delivery times, recent guideliens which apply to your specific order. However, both may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order. In particular:

  • Transport times can be altered by extraordinary incidents in the transport and and by difficulties in delivering the goods.

Transportation: Shipment of goods are made daily, Monday through Friday and always after having finalized the customer's address. The transport of the products will be stated in the order. In case of shipping damage, the customer must be mentioned in the delivery note. Claims for damage caused by the transport after 24 hours of receipt and delivery of goods will not be accepted. Upon delivery of the goods, the customer will receive the delivery note.

Buyer's Rights and Return Policy

Naguisa guarantees its customers the option to cancel their order at any time and at no cost if the cancellation is communicated before the order has been made available to the carrier for shipment.

As provided in Article 44, Law of Retail Trade, the buyer may return within fourteen working days of receipt of the goods in the same condition it was delivered. The seller, in turn, returns the amount of the order to the purchaser within 15 days from receipt of the returned merchandise according to delivery note.

Revocation of orders or refunds of goods outside of the specified limits will NOT be accepted. 

The customer must cover the cost of exchanging and returning Outlet products. The ‘Surprise Pair’ cannot be exchanged nor returned.

The return does not entail any penalty, but the buyer shall bear the direct cost of returning the product.

If a product was delivered by mistake by Naguisa, which is different from that requested by the customer, it will be removed and the product will be given the correct product at no additional charge.

For any incident related to the return of items in our store, please contact our Customer Service Department via:

  • Email at or by telephone at 931 737 868



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