13/Feb/17 - Collaborations

Francisca Pageo for Naguisa

Francisca Pageo for Naguisa

Francisca Pageo is a visual artist from Murcia. Naguisa has been following her work since a couple of years and one of her collage is now hanging on our studio wall. Last summer, as we were designing Posidonia SS2015 collection, we sent her a box full of our textile and leather samples. We were excited about the idea of presenting Posidonia's collection campaign with Francisca's Collage. Thanks to this collaboration, we had the occasion to meet her personally. During our summer holidays, we spent some time in the little town where she lives, Molina de Segura, and shared happy moments together. The pictures of the textures and model have been taken by Lare Alegre, a Spanish photographer from Barcelona currently established in Berlin. A future post will be dedicated to the photo session and the shootings she toke. Here is the result of our collaboration with Francisca! If you want to know more about her work, please visit her website: www.franciscapageo.es    




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