14/Feb/17 - Workshop

Workshop Paris

Workshop Paris

Because we live in memories, one year ago, we went to Paris to teach a Workshop at ENSCI school. The idea came because, Clémentine Pellegrin, who was part of Naguisa team during their internships in Barcelona, was studying in that school. We have participated in another workshop two years ago and we were super excited to repeat the experience again, so we did not hesitate one second! The students were very interested in the workshop, all of them had studied, textile designer. This profession cares about the textile world, creating prints and knitting. We worked together in the distance during some months. By a moodboard of inspiration they elaborated the fabric. They had four Naguisa styles to choose. Once, they had created their own fabric, they just have to cut the patron and sew the different parts. With enthusiasm and creativity, they made new and fresh Naguisa styles ready to walk. The best part was that, last September, some of the student's styles were exposed in Paris, in Premiere classe. It was so grateful, to see their work recognized in such an important place. We are sure that we will repeat, can't wait! The question is, where?




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