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This is where the magic happens

This is where the magic happens

Our designs speak of comfort, femininity and quality, but they also seek to preserve the old textile traditions of making footwear by hand. Our espadrilles symbolise the creation of opportunities for Spanish craftsmanship and the pride of having grown with the help of the professionals who have spent a lifetime dedicated to this beautiful trade. 

Seven years ago, when we launched ourselves into the adventure of rediscovering traditional jute footwear, we searched across mountain, field and sea for the source of this tradition of wearing comfortable shoes. The path led us to finding various groups of artisans who have been making espadrilles for generations.

There we discovered that, through a contemporary process impregnated with reminders of the past, one of our sketches placed in the hands of an artisan became a sandal.

By an almost magical process, the hanks of jute are transformed from a tangle of threads into a perfect braid. After being rhythmically turned on a table, they begin to take shape and we get a glimpse of what will soon be a sole.

These are then carefully reinforced and the artisans add a layer of natural rubber by a process of vulcanisation. This converts the natural material into a compact shoe that insulates feet from cold, damp and heat so that the wearers can enjoy the days and nights of summer.

The process that makes each of our designs unique arises from the materials, each one carefully selected so that comfort prevails in each collection. The cuts of leather or the cotton fabrics are knotted to the sole in a process that has endured for centuries. The stitches which bind the upper to the sole are formed with the know-how and dedication of the craftsmen and women who sew each pair of espadrilles by hand.

Using this delicate process, based on the skill and dedication of these local artisans, Naguisa guarantees high quality espadrilles that conserve all the charm of a tradition that has survived since the 13th century.




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