11/Sep/19 - Naguisa studio

Mónica learns how “Mala” feels in feet of silk

Mónica learns how “Mala” feels in feet of silk

The sun was sizzling that afternoon. We were busy working in our studio on San Just Desvern. The bells rings. Her vigorous “hola!” really strikes me. I lean my head slowly only to confirm an unusual presence, a genuinely beautiful one. Mónica stands still, close to her mother. She joins her on this stifling hot 15 of July on a mission: finding the perfect pair of sandals to attend her friend Sara’s wedding.

As I come closer to them, my eyes go straight to her ankles, getting caught up in them. Her legs seem to be perfect to sport our footwear. Mónica chooses “Mala” by Naguisa for the happy day of the marriage. They fit like a glove. “What a fortunate coincidence that she decided to get a pair of Naguisa”, I thought. She’s quite a cheeky character, yet cheerful and elegant. Her energy is striking while she’s a delicate soul with a refined taste.

Mónica tells me that she is a theatre actress, that her life is quite an act. Life keeps remind us how lucky we are, for we are still able to keep playing like children in this whimsical fortune wheel. On that hot Monday, fortune and magic came together hand in hand. In case you didn’t know, I’m not capable of holding things up: I have to say what I feel in my heart, so I say it loud:

Mónica, would you like to wear our capsule collection VALL?

Just as if the day of the wedding had been moved forward and was just about to be held at the headquarters of Naguisa, Mónica replied with a solid “Yes, I DO”.

After an unforgettable photo shoot with Mónica, I asked her about her experience with Naguisa. Her answer was:

“A family of beautiful people. As a story from the “Book of Hugs” goes: It would be bold to say that we are just “one” and not many. In fact, it could be possible that we are both things at the same time. One individual, and many other under the same skin.

Thank you, this is the most magical thing that could happen to us”.




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