15/Nov/19 - Trips

You should come with me.

You should come with me.

With her mind still clinging to the gradually fading memories of bright summer days, she felt a little out of touch with the density of all those green shades.

Filling her lungs with fresh air like an animal apprentice, she found herself amidst high terrains and snow-capped mountains, inviting her to make the most of this adventure.

Walking over the rocky paths with Urús, wandering through forests with Ger, paddling down the valley’s pond in a canoe with Bielsa or getting lost in a book as she travelled on the train with Lles, she was hungry for new experiences. She wanted to be absorbed by this wintry exoticism that had always seemed so picture-perfect to her and which she was now stepping into wholeheartedly, proving it was in fact real.

Mountain-climbing looked like fun. She felt comfortable, optimistic and willing to banish any negative thoughts with a long hike accompanied by Bellver. In autumn, the woods are flooded with warm, comforting colours – mahogany, brown, brick and pomegranate – and the breezy grey sky formed the backdrop for the walls of different shades of green in every direction.

She walked towards a winding stream, touched the cold water and felt in harmony with her surroundings. This setting reminded her of Vall, that idyllic valley of which she had once heard tell. She looked down at the ground and saw her shoes were sinking into a pile of multi-coloured leaves. Treading on this soft carpet, she felt a warm energy in her limbs and the joy of nature beneath her feet.

At the end of her walk, grateful for having enjoyed such unparalleled surroundings, a side path received her. Like an alpine refuge with a gabled roof, Naguisa had posed in the mountains and now the day had come to an end.




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