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Silvia Osella

Silvia Osella
  • A colour. 

White. I work everyday with colors, so in my spare time I like to surround myself with a blank, relaxing canvas to rest my eyes. I think white is actually a very powerful non-color, it has strong symbolic meanings; to me it represents light, freshness, something unspoiled and with a great potential ready to be expressed, a new start and the endless possibilities of creating.

  • An aroma. 

Earl grey tea. My grandad used to drink it all the time and that perfume has always made me feel at home and surrounded by love. And jasmine, because it means the perfect season has started and my beautiful city is at its best.

  • A texture.

The fluffy and super soft curls of my baby, Pietro.

  • A destination. 

I have been lucky enough to travel a lot, but nothing recharges me more than Tre Monti, a tiny hidden beach in the north of Sardinia I’ve been going to - during spring time - almost every year since I was a child.

It faces the bluest sea I’ve ever seen, that will pop in front of your eyes after a walk between the Mediterranean vegetation: wild carrot flowers, helichrysum, juniper, cottonseed; another perfect perfume mix that stays in my mind throughout the years.

  • Do you prefer the night or daytime? Or does it depend what for?

I am definitely not a morning person! When I wake up it takes ages for me to be in full active mode. On the other hand I could work until super late at night: in the evening I am usually full of energies and inspiration flows at its best. But since my baby was born I had to change my rhythms a bit and use mornings wisely, making the most of all the working hours and free time! And to be honest it hasn’t been a big effort so far, it kind of happened naturally.

  • How did you decide this is what you wanted to do?

I have always been a very curious person, so it’s not a big surprise that I ended up working in a field that requires so much research about trends, color evolution through different seasons, and so much more. I started by studying illustration 12 years ago and ended up in textile design almost by chance: I was so surprised and fascinated by all the work that there is behind a collection, all the incredible research to predict even a single shade of color. 

And now, having my own studio and space gives me the freedom to experiment and challenge myself in different fields, to see my work on many kinds of surfaces: wallpapers, carpets, packaging, ceramics…everything that you can cover with a pattern.

  • A project you will never forget. 

Even if had the luck to work for a great variety of amazing brands, an experience I’ll never forget has been creating Iluut, a sustainable fashion start up I have collaborated in setting up a few years ago together with two lovely young women living in London and Helsinki.  Looking back to what we achieved makes me very proud of us three: we started with just a crowdfunding campaign and our sole energies, ending up on Vogue and creating a special capsule collection for the Yoox / Net-a-porter group, and even building a school in Ghana with a percentage of our margins. Even if I am no longer part of the project I have learned so much from this experience, and it taught me a lot on sustainability and what it takes to make a beautiful, long lasting and ethically crafted item.

  • A project that you would like to work on.

I feel very lucky to get to work on so many different kinds of projects, and that’s the fun part. And since I love to face new challenges, to set my mind on totally different perspectives regarding usage and scales, and having to learn new techniques and processes, I’d say I’d love to experiment a designing on totally different categories of products, materials, fields, like ceramics or fashion accessories for example.

I have a lot of fun anytime I get to learn something new!

  • An artist you admire. 

Louise Bourgeois. She taught me that fabrics can tell a story: weaving was her way to reconnect with her memories.

  • A person close to you whom you admire as well.

My mom and dad. They are the kindest people I know, they basically know how to do, fix and build anything and they taught me to be as curious and as open minded as possible - together with other couple of thousand things.

  • Pick a part of the body and tell us why.

The eye. So much information processed, so many things, colors, shapes, places, human varieties to discover. So much inspiration to store for future creations.

  • Something that really excites you.

Getting ready for the next travel; working on something totally new and challenging; learning new things in general.

  • A dish that makes your mouth water.

Is ice cream a valid answer? That beats everything else for me! Oh, maybe except from focaccia, it’s similar to pizza but thicker, soft and garnished with olive oil and rosemary only.

  • A musician whom you always take with you.

Oh, that changes all the time! Right now I’m listening a lot to an italian band called Nu Guinea.

  • A place in Milan that we shouldn’t miss.

Just one? This is too difficult! At the moment I would probably say Fondazione Prada, an amazing contemporary arts center.

  • Silvia Osella, mother. 

Becoming a mom is probably the closest to “magic” I have ever experienced. 

I love all the positive energy that this kind of change brings in you and in the people that surround you.

On one hand I don’t think my life has changed so much from how it used to be, I keep doing basically everything I used to! But at the same time I feel deeply changed: giving life makes you question yourself on what is your best self, and makes you want to pay more attention to that. 

One of the things that fascinates me the most about this new chapter is having the opportunity to see a new human being taking shape, with its own individuality, peculiarities, tastes and passions. And to be there right from the beginning, observing all these exciting things happen.

  • How did you find out about us?

I have always done a lot of research on new and interesting brands, both for my work that requires me to be always very up to date - and for personal interest. I discovered Naguisa a few years ago during a trip in Madrid and fell in love!

  • Your favourite Naguisa. How interesting!

It’s very hard to choose! I own quite a few pairs of Naguisa and have been using them all so much throughout the years. My current favourites are my new Aritjol, perfect for summer, and the Fusa - I always carry them with me when traveling, so comfortable and pretty!

  • Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say? Any message to send to the universe? Or to somebody in particular? This is your time to do it…

Be kind! Always!

Photos: Michael Gardenia 




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